Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Talented Sister

Thanks for your feedback on the brush delimma - I'm still torn! Argh. I'll let you know what I end up doing. Check this out:

Handmade goodness from my uber-talented sister - a GORGEOUS bowl! She has been taking a ceramics class on week nights and this is her first (yes, that's right, FIRST) coil pot project. !!! Isn't it just the living end? I love the colors, love the irregular lines around the outside (looks like the ocean, doesn't it?), and I LOVE the little spirals around the rim. It really does remind me of the sea.

This was meant to be a cereal bowl...but that almost seems too lowly a destiny for such a chic little coil pot. I imagine once I get a decent apartment I'll put it out on a coffee table or something. Eek, nevermind. I just thought about knocking it over. Mmm. This will take some careful thought...

Here is the rest of the package she sent (she puts together some amazing packages I tell you). She sent some of Jane Iredale's new makeup, and a lovely little pad that has a magnetic closure to protect the pages...perfect for throwing into a purse or bag.

I am spoiled ROTTEN. I'm also thrilled to pieces because this year hubby and I are vacationing in sunny SC for my birthday and aforementioned talented sister's birthday. Our birthdays are back-to-back, and two years apart :) There were a few years growing up that we hated it - both of us wanted all the attention, but we eventually loved it. One way we learned to love it is making each other birthday banners out of long rolls of paper. We haven't had a chance to do that in YEARS and we're actually doing it again this year!!! I'm so excited I could squeal! Whatever cake we end up getting, we plan to decorate it with colorful icing, put up balloons and streamers, and have a good old-fashioned birthday party like we did when we were kids. I CAN'T WAIT!! Maybe we could even get in some roller skating. That had to be my all time favorite activity growing up. SC, here we come!


  1. A birthday bash, eh? Am I invited or de-invited?

    -Ole Red

  2. oh, how lovely to be so spoiled by your sister! I agree about the bowl, it needs a very special spot and a very special use!

  3. I love those makeup colors. They really look good on me and I'm sure they will look good on you!

    Nice little bowl can put milk in there for your cat. Do you have a cat? Maybe I can pay my attorney fees in cats? Then you'll have a cat and can pet it and love it and swim with it on the Hilton Head beaches.

    -Lumberjack George