Tuesday, April 8, 2008

New Obsession

I have a couple of new projects to show you - one I have been too lazy to take pictures of, and the other is a present, so it will have to wait until after May 1. Meanwhile I shall inform you of my new obsession - sewing my own wardrobe! My only problem is buying fabric :( It involves money, and well, I am the miserly sort. Once I can see myself clear to buying some, I will be going APE BANANAS making almost everything on burdastyle.com. People, these patterns are COOL, and they are also FREE (well most of them anyway). I can't stop imaging me wearing my own handmade jeans with the most awesomely cool pockets you've ever seen, or a knock-off designer dress, or this adorable ruffly shirt. I'm gone man, gone. Totally in love. I also broke down and bought this amazing jumper pattern from risingfeenix.com (it is a genuine vintage 1960's pattern!!!). Well it IS my birthday soon.

Once I try a few of the patterns from burdastyle and this gorgeous jumper pattern, I want to try built by wendy patterns. Then I will conquer the world!


  1. I would like to put a request in for a pair of pans. 68W X 32L.


    -Big and short

  2. Thanks for the tip! I have a dumb non-techie question for you now... how do you do that? (I know how to do it in video games, but not from the internet--the Windows help said to use alt + print screen, but I ran a search for picture files that had been modified recently immediately after and it didn't show up!)

    Also, good luck with your sewing endavors!

  3. ooohhhh, you're gonna be in sew much trouble!!!! it will begin to be an obsession I tell ya. fabric stashing is so addictive!