Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Putting Myself in Imaginary Shoes

Oh how I wish I could go on a shoe-buying blitz on Anthropologie's website. Aren't these just so lovely? MAN I love these things.

There are so many cute shoes, and they're all over $100. Sigh. One day I will splurge. My mother actually splurged on a $128 pair of flip flops for me years ago. They also were from Anthropologie - gorgeous things. They're wooden platforms painted dark turquoise with elaborate beaded flowers on the velvet thongs. I've worn them only a couple of times (I have been a fashion victim most of my life - only VERY recently am I starting to pull together my weird tastes into cute outfits). If my family is able to get together for a beach trip this summer, I plan to bring along my fab flip flops to wear with a little summer dress. These are also some shoes I've fallen in love with:

They remind me of the movie "In Her Shoes." That movie was wonderful, and the shoes were just yummy. Upon further reflection, these do look a tad strange.....I am an artist after all. If I'm not going to dye my hair blue, at least I can wear some weird shoes, right?


  1. ooohhh, I love the orange/creme and pink/purple ones!!!

  2. I love the different color combinations, you should check out jcrew too, they have some bright neon yellow pumps that remind me of the ones with the pom-poms. You'd love em!