Wednesday, March 25, 2009

my inner gamer

i could hardly get to sleep the other night because i was SOOOOOOO excited about my new tricked out wii - my brother is a computer and gaming wiz, so he hooked me up with all of my favorite classic video games as an early birthday present!!!!!! eeeeee!!!!! oddly enough, we used to play these games on my family's old 1986 tv, which i've recently inherited :) i'm reliving my gaming childhood and it's great :) no more blowing the dust out of old game catridges or switching between consoles. thanks to my hip, modern, sexy wii all of my favorite games are in one place. the universe is at peace :)

i got a big kick out of this tee shirt from athenamat. very cool :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

yo-yo barrettes

i don't think i've shared these little barrettes with you yet. i was inspired by angry chicken's tutorial to cover some of my plain metal barrettes with felt and give to my sisters as stocking stuffers. i modified angry chicken's directions a bit because the felt "sleeping bag" kept slipping off the barrette. grrr. so i basically cut out two barrette shapes from the felt and sewed them together, then made a little slit on the back and squeezed the barrette inside. it was much trickier this way, but resulted in a very snug and secure fit.

i experimented with buttons and felt shapes, but was frustrated by my lack of cute buttons, and how fiddly the felt was. instead i added tiny yo-yo's (see heather bailey's tutorial) with a single bead center. cute! fun! albeit a bit fiddly.

my favorite part of the whole project was putting them on card stock as the "packaging." it made them seem half-way professional and very festive!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

get er done giveaway

this exciting pile of goodies is going to be given away at random to a lucky winner, and you have to enter by march 16! go to the toronto craft alert website to find out how to drop your name in the pot 9 times. you can increase your chances by participating in their "get er done" contest - you load a "before" picture of an abandoned project, then you finish it by march 16 and load the "after" picture. good motivation to get er done! i never win these, but i feel it's always worth a shot :)