Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my sister's wedding anniversary - 4 years! I am so thrilled that she and her husband are sharing their day with us in NYC. While my hubby and I work today, they're going to see the sights, then we're all going to eat at a fancy french place for NYC restaurant week. I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moving is Stressful!

It doesn't matter how far in advance you start, how paced you are, how few things you own, MOVING IS STRESSFUL! I am extremely excited to be moving, but the actual process leaves something to be desired. I keep hoping I have a shred of energy left one of these days to take pictures of my puff-sleeved jacket - maybe my sister can take pictures when she gets here TOMORROW! That's one thing I'm very very excited about - my sister and her husband are helping us move this week. They're driving about 850 miles to do it too - that is love :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Giveaway at Penny's Place!

Head on over to sewtakeahike for a fab giveaway! Penny is offering up some free fabric, a gorgious hand-stitched apron, a catch-all she made her self, and a copy of cook's country. She's also filling the catch-all with a suprise! I've got my fingers tightly crossed hoping I'll win :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008


To my darling husband - happy, happy birthday!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birthday Season...

Another Happy Birthday shout-out to my SIL! Here is the card I sent a few days ago. This was a lot of fun to make - I got the pattern from the princess of pop-ups, and it turned out great :)

This here is my new favorite cookbook. I got it from my boss who went to a fund-raiser and got a bag full of goodies. She is not exactly the cooking type. Ahem. All the better for me :)

I've already tried several recipes and they've all turned out tasty :) Pictured below is fettuccine with prosciutto and peas in creamy cheese sauce. Yummers!

And here we have fettuccine with asparagus and pine nuts in a goat cheese sauce. Seriously unique - quite tasty, but a little weirder than the prosciutto stuff.

Now this picture has just decided to sneak in here even though it's not from aforementioned new awesome cookbook. This here is an awful picture of a wonderful thing - blueberry buckle! It's extremely mom gave me the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook when I got married because her mother had given it to her as a wedding present as well. The first thing my mom made out of it was blueberry buckle - so I did the same. My mom cried a river when she gave me my cookbook (I was a wee bit early out of the nest), so this has very special meaning for me.

Plus it is delicious and healthy! I substituted butter for shortening because I have less than zero % interest in partially hydrogenated crap. Cooking is so fun for me - I really love it because it's such a practical art form, and it's a lot of fun to play with food :) Last night I made a mixed grain casserole out of the BHG cookbook, and it was awesome! If I think of it, I'll take some pictures of it too when we eat the leftovers tonight. Believe it or not, last night was my first time cooking with fresh mushrooms! They are SO fun to cut. I definitely wanna cook with them some more. How healthy are they anyhow? I'm guessing they're at least very good filler. And tasty too!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I hope you have a wonderful day, getting to do all the things that make you happy and relaxed. I love you!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling a Bit Dialated...

Mercy! This has been a rough week. A fun rough week for the most part though (my hubby and I are newly hooked on the Sopranos). This morning I had an eye exam, which left my poor eyes dialated for several hours afterward - they still feel tired and I'm slightly headachy. I did show up to work afterward like a trooper though :) So I have 20/30 in my left eye, 20/20 and a freckle in my right eye. That's right, a freckle. Who knew?!? Later today I have to have an implant in my jaw to replace my weak, broken tooth which gave up on me a few months back. I hate doctor's offices. Hate hate hate. My appointment this morning was at 8:30, and the stupid doctor didn't even see me until 10:05!!! Well I hope he isn't a stupid doctor, I hope he's brilliant so my eyes don't shrivel up and fall out. When he did finally show his silly face, he only saw me for 5 minutes. Sheesh. Anyhoo, I hope this afternoon goes well. I will be a sight to see - HUGE pupils and a slack jaw, drooling on the subway. HA! That's what the tourists come to see in New York.

I WILL show pictures of my puff-sleaved jacket soon. I have worn it twice and I LOVE it! My hubby and I are moving in September, so we are going bazonkers with arrangements. There is always something to forget, then five other things jump into the forget pot when you finally remember the one thing you forgot. argh!

Alright all you with hungry eyes, here's some eye candy! These are some of the bestest most delishusest cookies known to man. These are actually dangerous - I'm normally not a binge eater, but for these I make an exception. Oh man are they good, and they have been known to cause more than one tummy ache for yours truly. I can't stop I tell you! They might only be available in NYC for all I know, but seek them out if you dare: