Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Many happy returns on this Easter Monday :) I'm still confused as to why Easter is in March this year...does anyone know the reason? I have always associated Easter with April...mmm. Perhaps I'll celebrate Eastern Orthodox Easter this year - I think they're having it in April. Warmish weather seems to be a prerequisite for egg hunts in my mind. I'm telling you - as soon as I'm geographically close enough to my family to celebrate these sorts of holidays, I'm going to arrange an egg hunt. You're never too old to hunt for eggs!! Or to stuff your face with chocolate. Or put flowers in each other's hair. I remember one magical Easter I spent at my grandmother's house with all my cousin's when she let us pick whatever flowers we wanted out of her garden and put them all in each other's hair :) Very, very fun stuff. I miss Grandma :( She always had the coolest, most impossible-to-find places to hide the prize egg, which was always purple. One year she hid it in the knot of a tree behind a bird's nest!! She was so fun. I always think of her when Easter comes around.

Here is an image of one of my all time favorite cartoons - Disney's "Funny Little Bunnies" (1934). It's a Silly Symphony, and is one of the sweetest possible cartoons. Here is a link to it on youtube:

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