Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Getting back at my sisters - Part 1

So - the theme for today is: no good deed goes unpunished :) I'm giving my freakazoid sister a sneak peak at her present I made her for sending me all those lovely goodies the other day (I forgot to take a picture of the fancy shmancy pasta and cherry cola she sent - yum!). The elder culprit sister involved will be getting her payback tomorrow. I made her present last night, and will post it shortly. SO - I made myself a little white hat over the last week or so, and of course left the pictures on my other computer (curses), so I'll post that in the coming days. I then made my sista a paisley version which I hope I hope I hope she likes. Little did this thrifted pillowcase know it would one day be a hat :)

It actually fits way better than my white think I'm going to adjust the white one a bit. I got the pattern/tutorial from curiously crafty - fantastic pattern! I am so impressed that she came up with this - it fits like a glove, and really is easy to make if you have a little experience sewing. I cheated on the covered button - I just took a little button I had and covered it with a circle of the hat fabric, then sewed the edges together underneath then onto the hat.

The lining is pretty nifty...I didn't have enough of one fabric that looked right, so I just took two pieces each of three scraps that looked good together, and actually I like the effect better than just one fabric for the lining.

I WAS going to post the second part of the present, but I wanna leave that as a surprise after all :) I will post that after the recipient gets her package today :)
More to come soon....

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