Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My hubby gave me a very sweet Christmas present - a $200 gift certificate to Eva Scrivo's salon here in Manhattan. My dilemma is how to use the moolah. My original plan was to buy this here Mason Pearson brush:

It is supposed to have magical powers to calm frizz by transferring the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair. It accomplishes this feat through it's boar's hair bristles. It is also handmade in England. It is also friggin expensive. Potentially more than my gift certificate (WTF!?!) depending on the size I would get. So a week ago I was convinced I would get this brush. But then, I wonder now if I should try getting a fancy shmancy hair cut at the salon instead. Martha Stewart goes there, after all. I have very long, all the same length, wavyish, frizzyish hair. Hubby was thinking if I want to try something new (but still long - I think his world would be thrown into an alternate dimension if I were to cut it short), that I might want to cash in while I'm here in fancy shmancy NYC. Apparently the professionals at Eva Scrivo's salon also have magical powers called the "Uncut", which is a layered cut which claims to not need a blow dryer to look cool. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate blowing my hair...I always end up looking like a poodle who stuck its tail in a socket. Also my arms have somehow never gotten used to being held up above my shoulders for that length of time. That is a tiredness I despise more than frizz. Also I hate the idea of being dependent on a hair dryer when traveling, AND I hate the idea of heat ruining my already frizzy hair. So you see my dilemma? What should I do?!? On the one hand, I have this magical frizz defying brush. On the other, a potentially cool looking 'do. Both would undoubtedly go above and beyond the gift certificate. Indecision I hate you!!!


  1. I would get the brush,Mason Pearson rocks.It will last you a darn sight longer than a new do.My friends mum still has her's twenty seven years later.need i say more!LOL

  2. I would go for the brush, because whats a cool do if you don't have a decent brush to make it perfect! It looks amazing, I will be jealously eyeing it online!

  3. That's so tough!! Get them both!

  4. Who needs a freakin brush? I never comb my hair and it works for me! Then again...I am losing my hair every day!!!

    -Rattlin Man