Monday, March 3, 2008

Fishtrap Cardigan

Hello all!

This will be a bore for my family who has already seen this sweater, but I wanted to share with the rest of the blog world (I'm also posting this on Zimmermania).

This was completed for Christmas 2006, and was knit at a frantic pace. It was my first time knitting an aran pattern, first time doing button holes, and my first time steeking (aka CUTTING the finished piece to make it a cardigan- eek)!!! It took me about two months to knit - like I said, frantic. The pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitter's Almanac, which is a fantastic book. It's the fishtrap cardigan, which is the very first chapter in the book. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern. I plan to knit the pull-over version just so I can do this pattern again. I initially ordered natural cream wool from Schoolhouse Press, but it smelled funky and was extremely coarse (and a lot yellower than I anticipated), so I sent it back. I might have tried knitting it if it were for me, but this was for my mom who is not the biggest fan of I opted for Lamb's Pride worsted in creme (I think), which is a lovely blend of wool and mohair. Doesn't she look fabulous in it?

If I don't have her figure when I'm her age, I'm going to cry. I'm hoping I inherited enough of her genes (and perhaps I'll be lucky enough to inherit her jeans?)

I actually harvested those buttons from a sweater I received as a gift but that fell apart in the wash. They matched this wool perfectly. I am a penny-pinching miser, so the fact that these buttons were free is a point of pride.

She wore the sweater last time she was in NYC with a gorgeous hat and long wool skirt. I wish I had a picture of that outfit - my mother has some serious style, especially when it comes to hats.

So I plan to keep posting some old photos of knitted creations to share with you. I have just agreed to knit two pairs of baby booties in the course of this week. Um, I think I can do this. I am now a commissioned knitter! Cool beans. Hopefully that means I will have new stuff to show you as early as this Friday! Yay!


  1. I am so impressed!! Only 2 months eh? I couldn't have finished it in TWO lifetimes (if there were such a thing)! It looks fabulous on your mom!

  2. Lovely! Absolutely lovely cardigan. I can't believe how well it fits. Oh, and hopefully you'll look as good as her. She looks great!

  3. Your sweater is lovely. I have Knitters Almanac. You have now persuaded me to add this project to my queue.