Friday, February 29, 2008

Beautiful Things

Hello all!

I have not been feeling so good these past few days. I finally discovered after much pain, worry and uncertainty that I have a salivary gland infection. I can tell you of all the things I expected to hear, that wasn't one of them - I've never even heard of it! Anyhoo, I'm on anti-biotics to become biotic free, which has less than lovely side-effects which are haunting me at the moment. So to get my mind off of pain and nausea, I wanted to share a few beautiful things that I would buy were I rich. Dreaming about things is almost more fun than actually getting them. I think one of the worst feelings in the world is not wanting not being hungry. Of course, hunger only works as a good feeling if you have the reasonable hope of getting food :) So, were I richer than I am today, here is something sweet and pretty from doe san francisco I would buy:

Isn't that so preeeeety? It makes me want to fill it with rich, handmade hot chocolate and take it on a sumptuous picnic. I would put it in this basket from Williams Sonoma, and find a peaceful, sunny riverbank to lounge on:
And now some braggadocio for my sister-in-law. She has recently completed a gorgeous Steeplechase Hat for going to the horse races. I think it is SO beautiful, I just had to brag about it to the world! She made several yoyos with button and fabric centers and affixed them to this classy straw hat...oh I am so envious! She tells me she will wear this with a mustard yellow anthropologie dress, and I can't wait to see them together. I LOVE anthropologie, and this hat would certainly be right at home sitting on an anthropologie shelf selling for hundreds. Here are some lovely shots she took:

My favorite flower is the one on the lower left with the sweet little beaded center. Classy and crafty, what more could you ask for in a hat? Oh yeah, gorgeous hair underneath. Must find out what she uses to get her hair so glossy!

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  1. ooh, I really like the thermos too! And the hat, how cute! I could definitely see it with a cute sundress.....