Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back from Vacation - and Energized!

After a long and much needed break, I have returned to New York refreshed, energized and in spring cleaning mode. Not only did I unpack last night, I managed to scrub down the bathroom, rearrange my linen closet and several clothes drawers. I tend to get neat-freaky after staying in my mother's super clean, super organized house. I LOVE going home. This particular trip was full of excitement...including rollerskating! It was a blast, and I even took a tumble with a bruise to prove it. My sister and I also had a good old-fashioned birthday party with streamers, balloons, tablecloth, etc. What fun! Like a total dolt I forgot to take pictures of the presents I made for her. I will ask her to send me some pictures. Also, my camera is dead at the moment, so instead of current pictures of birthdays, rollerskating and newly completed projects, here are some pictures of a couple of ceramic bowls I made for my boss and her friend (another former boss).

One of my sister's birthday presents to me was a trip to her ceramics class in SC. What fun! I made a large handle-less mug (I didn't have time to do the handle in one class, so I'm leaving it for her to finish), and a honey pot. I LOVE ceramics. I am so thrilled - she gave me her very first wheel-thrown bowl! I love love love it and will soon post pictures once I get my spring cleaning butt into gear. She also gave me a pair of handmade earrings! I imagine you will soon see her gorgious creations online. I'm encouraging her to share her jewelry making prowess with the online world.
So, if you are hankering for some crafty pictures, stay tuned. I have lots to share.

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  1. Wow, your bowls look so perfect and beautiful!! When I started reading about your rollerskating birthday party, I was saying to myself "NO.WAY" I just talked to my husband 3 weeks ago about having a rollerskating birthday party for me!!! As they say, birds of a feather........