Saturday, May 31, 2008

2 Skirts and a Shirt

As promised, here are some pictures of my foray into garment making. This first shirt is not my creation, before you get excited. I bought this at a wonderful consignment shop I've been shopping at since I was little called "Mom's Hand-me-downs." The selection there can be fantastic on certain days, and the last time I visited I grabbed this little beauty:

My sister and husband were not digging the rick-rack, though I was of two minds about it. I finally decided to take it off and use it for something else later. The white floral fabric certainly holds it's own without the extra trim. My hubby actually put together this outfit:

The puff skirt is a super cute and super easy pattern I got from childhood flames - that girl has some serious style! Lastly, here is the first shirt I've ever made (paired with a cut-off skirt I made out of my husband's old jeans he wore in high school):

The fabric is very slinky and hard to work with - it was the only knit fabric I had in my stash, which came from my mum-in-law. The finished result is light, fits rather well, and is wearable in public. Not a bad start! I got the pattern from burdastyle, which was a fun process from start to finish. I'm very impressed with the quality of the patterns from that site. I highly recommend them. Next time I will choose a fabric that doesn't show off my little rounded tummy quite so well :)


  1. I'm not the person who posted about legs! Nice stuff from the Hand me down place!

    -Ole Red

  2. hey anonymous, don't be a creep.

    Hey Al, clothing design in your future? Maybe you could get a runway show going... Stay in touch.

    Much Love


  3. Hey me your legs!

    I bet they are VERY sexy! ;)

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  5. that jean skirt and knit shirt is seriously cute!! Great job on them both! I am so impressed!