Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wedding Fun

I just got back (at 2:00am this morning!) from a great Hispanic wedding. The bride is a co-worker who really put together an awesome party! The ceremony was in Spanish, which I've never witnessed before - such a cool experience. Even the reception, which was the most luxuriously festive I've ever seen, was almost entirely Spanish language music and all of the toasts were in Spanish. Luckily I had a private translator since my husband is fluent. I couldn't get enough of the music - I was even dancing in my chair while eating dinner :)

Just LOOK at this beautiful table setting! Have you ever seen anything so fabulous?!? The waiters even wore white gloves. The whole thing was so much fun.

All I could think of is throwing a bash like this for my wedding anniversary, or my hubby's and my birthdays. I can't wait for that opportunity - such fun! And I totally plan to use my co-worker's DJ.

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  1. WOW, they know how to have a party! It is beautiful!