Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sick Day

I have been SICK for the last few days *shudder* I hate being sick. Yesterday I left work around 1:00 to rest at home for the afternoon, which was WONDERFUL. I hardly ever take sick days (even yesterday wasn't an entire sick day). I spent most of my resting time sewing - I can't wait to paint/sew/knit full time, it really doesn't seem like work to me, even when it's annoying. So I finally have a little project to show you - I made this yesterday after getting frustrated for the 54th time with my little tomato pin cushion levetating when I tried to pull out a pin. ARGH. This hefty dude is packed with cedar sawdust from my wood crafty brother-in-law, and underneath that it's packed with yarn and fabric scraps. Whenever I reach for a pin or stick one in, I smell cedar :) I did this with Christmas presents for my sisters, mom, and g'ma too - they double as sachets for those who don't sew.

I used the pattern from Last Minute Patchwork and Sewing Gifts, which is awesome. I thought the most important part of the instructions was the order you put the pieces together. Very neat and tidy, and I never would have thought of it.

These are some of my absolute favorite fabrics. Some are even sacred - like the yellow flowers. I have no idea what that was originally used for, but it was in my mother's sewing cabinet when I was younger and I think my sister used it for something. Mmmm. Anyway it's from the early days of my sewing experience, so it's sacred. Same for the purple with pink flowers. The blue & cream floral is a scrap from the quilt I made my husband for our wedding (I need to post a picture of that at some point), the paisly, gingham and red floral (Laura Ashley!) are thrifted, and the black and white rose is new - it's from a futon cushion cover someone discarded from my apartment building. Ahee. My hubby wasn't thrilled that I ripped it off and used it - even thought I DID wash it in clorox.

The spirals are from an April Cornell skirt I sacrificed to the sewing gods. Again, my hubby was not thrilled that I sacrificed that skirt. I still feel guilty :( I need to start buying fabric soon...

I used this yesterday to finish my sister's birthday present - I'm ITCHING to post her presents, but will attempt to be patient.


  1. Not bad for the ill, I love the little yellow that follows all the seams. Is that the thread? Hope your feeling better soon.

  2. Hmmm...

    So your cedar guy hooked you up eh?

    He must be some kind of swell guy!

    -Cedar guy want-a-bee