Thursday, February 7, 2008

Meatless Lasagna

This was a cursed process from the beginning. Ok, well it wasn't that bad. It was just an incredibly stupid idea to handmake pasta (without a pasta machine), then make sauce, then slice and grate fresh cheese, then mix fillings with fresh herbs, then bake at 4000° in an already broiling apartment ALL ON A WEEK NIGHT when the laundry lies languishing in heaps on the floor. Not my brightest moment. Fortunately, the lasagna turned out well. Not only was it edible, it was actually husband (aka the Turkey - mutual term of endearment....yes we are nuts) gave this a 7 out of 10. He hates giving things numbers but I usually whine until he does. I think I will obstain from whining next time.....he is painfully honest. However, he did say this is the best lasagna he's ever had without meat. Backhanded compliment, but praise nonetheless!

and here it is in it's messy glory.

Ok, so I liked the noodles I made...I'm shocked they came out so yummy actually. I didn't have a pasta machine, and after getting a resounding "no don't make pasta without a machine" from a co-worker with experience, I was thinking I should use boxed pasta. I am part hippie, part stubborn ass, and full measure impatient (and also broke) so I really wanted handmade pasta NOW. I am a bit grandiose, admittedly. I generally think anything is possible, then I break my back to get it done. Sometimes that pays off beautifully, and MOST times it results in lots of other things being neglected (like the heaps of laundry and hungry husbands). Fortunately I married a super sweetie so he was understanding....he has seen my crazed, maniacal enthusiasm many times before, and he knows to patiently step out of the way and forebear unless I'm an immediate threat to myself. SO, I thought the great chefs of Italy used to make pasta without machines, so dang it so can I. And I did! I was half expecting it to be lumpy, floury and gross, but it was quite delicious. The machine would make it easier, but hey, I need exercise anyway. And I live to do it all myself. From that point on, everything within a 4 foot radius of me was covered in tomato juice, flour and grated cheese. Oh the humanity. The turkey was so patient. I'm sure it helped that we had new Boston Legal discs to watch while the blasted lasagna baked for 45 minutes. We ended up eating at 9:30, which is insanely late for us. We're usually trying to eat anything not moving by 7:00. Oh well, as turkey would say, "somethin' dif'rent."

eat me!

After all the effort, this should have been the worlds greatest lasagna. It wasn't, but it was pretty dang good. And now I don't have to cook today or tomorrow! I have cornbread pictures to show you, but not with me. I made it the day before yesterday. That came out swimmingly which is what got me so excited to keep trying new things. Tonight is laundry night, which means knitting night. I can't stand to sit at the laundromat and watch whatever lifetime movie they have on. GAG. I always bring my ipod and knitting. Today I must finish the baby booties I'm knitting for my supervisor at work. She's having a baby shower tomorrow and this is my excuse to not donate $20 for a group gift. YEAH RIGHT! They don't pay me well enough for that garbage. Handknit baby booties are better anyway. You'll see...they're cute.

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