Wednesday, February 11, 2009

wedding quilt

here is the first and only quilt i've made so far. this was my wedding present to H, which i forgot to give him on our actual wedding day - ahee. i didn't remember until after the honeymoon!

this is modeled after a quilt my mother made. the quilt. i judge all quilts against hers. it is everything a quilt should be - comfy, warm, colorful, sentimental, and falling apart with years of loving use. it was a tied quilt, so i made mine that way too. she really let us run wild with it when we were little, which was so much fun! it was even eco-friendly - she used recycled fabrics from an old shirt factory - how cool is that?

my original vision for this wedding quilt was a bit "out there." i wanted a burning heart image at the center (like from romeo + juliet), and radiating beams of fabric extending out - each a radically different weight and texture. H is very happy i went with the more traditional patchwork quilt. i collected random fabrics from my local store, used scraps of tapestry-weight fabric i found in a thrift store in italy, and any unclaimed fabric in my mother's sewing cabinet.

it still didn't seem colorful enough, so i ripped upholstery samples out of a few wallpaper books, which ended up being some of the most vibrant patches in the quilt! i was SOOO happy to have found that resource - i highly recommend it. it was free, and eco-friendly.

aren't they preeeeety? i had to use a few sentimental scraps of fabric, and the oldest by far is the tiny patch of pale lavender terry cloth on the bottom corner:

it is a scrap i saved from my all-time favorite childhood shorts. i used to call them my "popsicle" shorts since they reminded me of my favorite treat, grape popsicles. i would wear them on the first of june every single year for as long as i could fit into them. june first was the official start of summer for me, and summer has always been my favorite time of year.

as i mentioned before, the sheet i used as a backing had a big hole in it, so i patched it with a big paisley heart and embroidered "i love you" in brown. my mom's raggedy ann dolls always had a little heart on their chests with "i love you" embroidered, which was such a sweet detail :)
H and i have been using this quilt for the past few months, and it has kept us toasty warm. i just recently switched to a more springlike bedspread however in an effort to rush the season along... summer can't come soon enough!!!


  1. nice work! I love all the different colors and fabrics!

  2. It is beautiful! Great colors, and a great gift!