Friday, February 6, 2009

things i want - doe san francisco

i thought i would share my wish list from one of my favorite websites, doe san francisco. it's a boutique in sf with gorgeous clothes and nick-knacks. they seem geared for artful comfort - i am in love with half of their store!

wouldn't these look fantastic with some skinny dark jeans and sandals?

and i love the lacy sleeve on this one:

inevitably, i'm always drawn to the children's department of any store or any website i visit. i suppose i enjoyed my childhood so much that i cannot stand to grow out of toys.

i laughed out loud when i saw that cat flashlight - how perfect! they also had a series of adorable stamps, like the little red riding hood one on the top left. they also have little teapots for one, and a sweet little pepper grinder that reminds me of a matryoshka doll. they also have a great selection of jewelry and some men's and baby's clothes. very cool site :)

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  1. I love that polka-dot jacket!! So cute!
    Love the lace capsleeves too!