Tuesday, February 3, 2009

short and stout

here are the other christmas goodies which i've only now gotten around to posting. incidentally i've decided to channel e. e. cummings and see how writing in all lowercase feels. my "square" self is having paroxysms. my "hippie" self feels rather cool...

this little beauty was created by my multi-talented sister. she is MUCH better and more inventive than me at hand-building ceramics. i find myself at home on the potter's wheel, but i just haven't gotten into a groove with hand-building. at least not yet - it seems too much like a chore. if i hang out long enough with pooky brains (aforementioned artistic hand-building ceramicist sister), her enthusiasm just might rub off!

look at the little curly-q handle! it's just so cute!!! every time i see it, i am transported to a proper woodland tea party outdoors. i've just got to come up with a use for this thing - soy sauce dispenser? no?

it has found quite a happy home on our little cafe dining table. it's the perfect simple decoration between holidays.

when i was at summer camp in my very first ceramics class, i was determined, determined i say, to make a teapot. it is one my biggest creative failures that i have not been able to make a teapot yet. it is the whale to my ahab.

lastly i want to show off the gorgeous magnets she made! don't you just love the seashells? the tree? the artsy heart? the sweet little leaves? these have raised the artistic value of my refrigerator considerably.

soon i want to show you some sewing i've done and haven't posted about. most of it is pretty old, but it's still fun to share :)

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  1. Cute tea pot! It looks like something out of a fairytale! So cute! I love the neutral colors!