Saturday, June 28, 2008

S'more Marshmallows Please!

Finally I have marshmallow-making pictures for you! I'm so excited to share these because the process was so much fun. I can't recommend trying these enough - I got the recipe from Martha Stewart, and it was a surprisingly simple process. The most difficult part is making sure you get the sugar and syrup to the correct temperature (basically entails watching the thermometer - not exactly brain surgery), and pouring all that hot sugary goodness into the gelatin without spilling. A wee bit scary! Once you get that done, you start whipping it into a beautiful white, billowy cloud.

I made that big bowl in my senior year ceramics class at school. I've only used it one other time to make monster cookies (more on those later), because it already feels like an heirloom bowl that I REALLY don't want to break. I wanted to use it on this though because the marshmallows are an anniversary gift, and I like to use my most special stuff for anniversaries :)


It was SO much fun to pour the marshmallow mixture into the pan - so magical how soft and white it was! I let it sit in the fridge overnight, then my plan was to cut it up before going to work the next morning. It was slightly LESS fun trying to get it out. heh. I was nearly panicked when it refused to come out, but I finally coaxed it out, got it cut up and coated in powdered sugar. The cutting was more time consuming that I thought, but still fun. Had I not been trying to get to work, it would have been great :)

The finished result is the stuff of angels!

And here was the official anniversary s'more! It was enough sugar to kill a person (not that I was aiming for that, mind you). The verdict was to leave the chocolate out altogether, and substitute a thin layer of peanut butter. I have to admit, the peanut butter tastes wonderful with the marshmallow - you should definitely try it! If you must have chocolate though, try dark chocolate that is less sweet that milk chocolate. The marshmallows more than make up for any lost sweetness from the chocolate.

Coming of the completed puff-sleave jacket!


  1. Oh my goodness! They're beautiful! How fun! Way to try something new, and thanks for sharing with us!

  2. ooohhh, I'm gonna have to try this!