Saturday, June 21, 2008

Penny Playlist - I love you!

I am absolutely psyched! A couple of days ago I received my penny playlist from Blaze with the most amazing mix of music, and it's all I've been listening to. I can't tell you how much I love this music - it's so COOL! I can only dream of being so cool :) Thank you Blaze for such an awesome compilation! Perhaps I have a cool mix cd in me somewhere...

In other news, here is a pathetic "before" picture of my jacket I'm ripping apart (mentioned in the previous post). I, uh, forgot to take a proper before picture so you could appreciate the boxiness of the fit. This is after I've ripped the seams of the arms, but I've placed it so you can have an idea of the sleave shape. My favorite part of this jacket is the turquoise piping on the lining - I'm going to do my best to preserve that in all the adjusting.

And now the best for last! Here is the delectible candy my dear sweet hubby gave me on Tuesday. Most of this sugar is now coursing it's way through me, creating a delightful buzz I haven't experienced in a long time. It's nice to have a good candy binge once in a while :)

Gummy sharks, how I love thee! But I'm tellin' ya, the giant sweetarts were the show-stealer this time. Omigosh they are SO good. And if you try them, don't bother smacking them on a counter to break it up as the wrapper suggests (horrors!). The are best enjoyed in a giant tablet of delicious sugar totally filling up your mouth. I have only one left - the holy grail of flavors - grape!


  1. Heehee! I'm so glad you like it!! I do too! I've been listening to it in my car! ;) Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Your comment on my blog was just the sweetest thing ever!! Thank you for your advice regarding sketching! I will definitely take that advice! Thanks! :) Hopefully soon I'll be able to share what I'm up to! :)