Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Not to Wear (with exceptions)

I've been completely obsessed with that show on TLC, What Not to Wear. I love that show! It's truly amazing how big a difference clothes can make (and hair/makeup). I'm starting to consider looking for new & different things once I get money enough to do some shopping. It's difficult for me to admit that outward appearance matters enough to at least partially control how you feel. It certainly affects how others interact with you, even those who know you best. My worse fear with style and fashion is to become shallow and overly concerned with how I look - not to mention hyper-critical of how others look. I guess the best way to look at it would be presenting yourself nicely as a favor to everyone who sees you. Like making sure your home looks nice on the outside is a favor to anyone walking by. I like that attitude - I think I will try to remember that, especially on those lazy days when I'm tempted to go out looking like a bum :)

The main rule I completely disagree with on that show is that anyone over 35 shouldn't wear a mini-skirt. ABSURD! If you look hot, wear a mini-skirt. Look at Tina Turner for crying out loud. Look at my MOM for crying out loud. I fully intend to wear mini-skirts well into old age as long as my legs hold out. Wish 'em luck!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE What Not to Wear! Stacey and Clinton are so much fun, and I could watch 100 episodes before getting tired of it! I love watching people transform, and seeing how they incorporate different styles with people's crazy personalities!! ;) It inspires me also to leave my sweatpants at home. Haha!