Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Food Plans

Oh my word......I just googled grape pie, and there is such a thing!!! I know I must seem retarded, but I have been wondering why people didn't make it until I found out they do...just not as much as apple pie or blueberry pie. I am totally going to try it once I have time and the guts necessary to try making pastry from scratch. Cold hands...I keep hearing that's the trick. Take a look at this....YUM. I want I want I want! I have been in love with all things grape since birth...I used to imagine a tidal wave of grape candy flooding a huge city street...SKITTLES especially, and I would be happily swimming through it with my mouth open :) Still a wonderful fantasy, although now I'm imagining huge slices of grape pie!

Another dish I'm dying to make is pizza. Like from scratch, dough and all. So I've printed out the Williams Sonoma instructions for pizza dough, and a recipe for margherita pizza, and plan to give it a go this weekend. Seems doable... OH I am getting hungry. I can just taste the olive oily crust, all nice and free of trans fat. While you're at Williams Sonoma, take a look around - they have wonderful recipes, totally free. I've tried a fair number of them and they always turn out well...I trust them with my stomach. Let me know if you've ever tried pizza making and if you have any warnings...it is doubtful to reduce my zeal, but I will take it under advisement :)

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