Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunshine and Jellyfish

Last weekend, H and I finally made it into the ocean for the first time this summer! It was lovely for a while until we heard a little boy screaming...shark we thought? No, his parents weren't screaming. After a little while longer, H decided to head back to the shore while I played around a little longer. When I started toward shore I saw H waving me in - apparently he found out why the little boy was screaming - he had been stung by a jellyfish too!

It was still a good day, despite the jellyfish. I did find a little place to continue swimming with no jellyfish...

It was great while it lasted, but now all we've got are thunderstorms every day. Lightening even knocked out my internet yesterday. Come back sunshine!

1 comment:

  1. Jellyfish are soo cool looking, but still a little scary! Don't ever watch a documentary on box jellyfish... you'll be scared to go out of your houlse! ;)