Wednesday, August 26, 2009

handmade goodness

This beauty is a handmade quilt, created by H's grandmother. We've had this stuffed in the tops of tiny closets in Boston and New York, and lately stored in a cedar chest. A few weeks ago, we finally got it out to use for the first time in seven years! What fools to wait so long.

Because we generally guarded it carefully from the elements, we only ever got a look at it when we were moving, and that was usually cursory at best. I only ever got a real appreciation for it when I brought it out to wash it after our mold scare. When I was folding it to store again, I started noticing how bright and artsy it is.

And how modern - there are quilts of this ilk all over the internet these days. Wild, unexpected combinations of patterns - fresh and exciting colors.

I love the discreet size of the patches, and the matter-of-fact construction. H's grandmother meant business and didn't mess around.

It's hard for me to pick my favorite section of patches. The backing is a hefty canvas, which I love, and it is just the right weight for summer.

We've just put it back in the cedar chest after using it for a good while. I was sad to store it, but I plan to bring it out periodically to enjoy the brilliant colors and facinating fabric pairings.


  1. Gorgeous quilt!! I love the ones with tiny squares on it! :) The colors look perfect for summer!

  2. I can't decide whether it is "modern" or "postmodern"- whatever it is it is so "not-traditional" -> very cool for somebody who carries the word "grandmother" to make something that looks like this!

  3. Sooo glad to get your input on artwork! :) Maybe I'll do more thought provoking art related posts! I appreciate your comments always!! Thanks! :)