Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Moving is Stressful!

It doesn't matter how far in advance you start, how paced you are, how few things you own, MOVING IS STRESSFUL! I am extremely excited to be moving, but the actual process leaves something to be desired. I keep hoping I have a shred of energy left one of these days to take pictures of my puff-sleeved jacket - maybe my sister can take pictures when she gets here TOMORROW! That's one thing I'm very very excited about - my sister and her husband are helping us move this week. They're driving about 850 miles to do it too - that is love :)


  1. Oh man! I know, and I am thinking about you! Good luck with the crazy boxes and heavy lifting. Treat yourself to a starbucks after, (or maybe before for the energy!!).

  2. I hope your move goes smooth! I agree about the starbucks, it makes any situation a lot better!