Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling a Bit Dialated...

Mercy! This has been a rough week. A fun rough week for the most part though (my hubby and I are newly hooked on the Sopranos). This morning I had an eye exam, which left my poor eyes dialated for several hours afterward - they still feel tired and I'm slightly headachy. I did show up to work afterward like a trooper though :) So I have 20/30 in my left eye, 20/20 and a freckle in my right eye. That's right, a freckle. Who knew?!? Later today I have to have an implant in my jaw to replace my weak, broken tooth which gave up on me a few months back. I hate doctor's offices. Hate hate hate. My appointment this morning was at 8:30, and the stupid doctor didn't even see me until 10:05!!! Well I hope he isn't a stupid doctor, I hope he's brilliant so my eyes don't shrivel up and fall out. When he did finally show his silly face, he only saw me for 5 minutes. Sheesh. Anyhoo, I hope this afternoon goes well. I will be a sight to see - HUGE pupils and a slack jaw, drooling on the subway. HA! That's what the tourists come to see in New York.

I WILL show pictures of my puff-sleaved jacket soon. I have worn it twice and I LOVE it! My hubby and I are moving in September, so we are going bazonkers with arrangements. There is always something to forget, then five other things jump into the forget pot when you finally remember the one thing you forgot. argh!

Alright all you with hungry eyes, here's some eye candy! These are some of the bestest most delishusest cookies known to man. These are actually dangerous - I'm normally not a binge eater, but for these I make an exception. Oh man are they good, and they have been known to cause more than one tummy ache for yours truly. I can't stop I tell you! They might only be available in NYC for all I know, but seek them out if you dare:

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  1. YUMM!! Sweets! :) Thanks for the treat! ;)

    And I hope you feel much better after you eyes being dialated. No fun.

    Can't wait to see your new jacket!