Friday, April 16, 2010

call of the small

I've just stumbled across a new blog through a ny times article - the call of the small (which begs to be written in small caps). She collects mini modern furniture (how cool!) and decorates these chic modern doll houses. Oh how I want one. I am thoroughly in love with this room - I can't even tell you how much I wish I could live in this room.

I'm already plotting how I can make that awesome square shelf - and that mushroom - gah! It's almost too much for me. I might even go gather sticks and put them in a vase in a corner. And how much do you love that art on the wall? This is the coolest doll house ever.

I am feeling a distinct urge to go through all my old doll things. I must acquire a shelf like this white one. Then I must acquire all the goodies. This kind of shelf could just go anywhere - shoved in a closet, out in the middle of a living room, anywhere. I feel very inspired. Thank you call of the small!


  1. I am loving all things small right now too!! There is so much detail in that room!

  2. )))((((((

  3. I'm glad you found my new blog home! :) It's nice to have a fresh start! xo!