Monday, September 14, 2009

labor day weekend labor part 3

Here are some pictures of the grey dress modeled. It is a very versatile dress, and could probably even be worn as a tunic with leggings and flats.

It has wonderful drape - I believe it's made of rayon.

H thinks it looks best bunched up with lots of drape around the middle (also very forgiving this way!)

It looks almost Grecian - it would be great with gladiator sandals.

Here it is with a bit more flash - it's amazing what different shoes can do to the look of the dress.

Definitely a new favorite in my wardrobe - shamefully easy to sew, and extremely comfortable to wear.

Here is the puff skirt with the white ruffle shirt - not bad together.

This skirt is very light and floaty, making it susceptible to Marilyn Monroe moments - must remember to wear something nice underneath - ha!


  1. Fun dress! I love anything that is versitile!! :)

  2. Opps!! *versatile :)