Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Silly but Refreshing

Ridiculous to share pictures of bedding? Perhaps, but I was ridiculously excited to get these new-to-me sheets from my mom. I love them - they remind me a bit of anthropologie, and they are wonderfully crisp, especially for hand-me-down sheets. But then, my mother takes exceptionally good care of everything, so there you go.

I was trying to "make do" with whatever I had that would match this set of sheets when I realized I have a plain cotton sateen duvet cover I bought for nearly nothing in Boston years ago. I was delighted to see the effect this cream, semi-transparent duvet cover had when I slipped it over my blue duvet. It made this pale, minty-green that is hard to discern in the photos, but compliments the sheet pattern beautifully.

So yes, this is probably silly. But I figured anything I jumped around grinning about is worth sharing :)

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