Tuesday, March 17, 2009

yo-yo barrettes

i don't think i've shared these little barrettes with you yet. i was inspired by angry chicken's tutorial to cover some of my plain metal barrettes with felt and give to my sisters as stocking stuffers. i modified angry chicken's directions a bit because the felt "sleeping bag" kept slipping off the barrette. grrr. so i basically cut out two barrette shapes from the felt and sewed them together, then made a little slit on the back and squeezed the barrette inside. it was much trickier this way, but resulted in a very snug and secure fit.

i experimented with buttons and felt shapes, but was frustrated by my lack of cute buttons, and how fiddly the felt was. instead i added tiny yo-yo's (see heather bailey's tutorial) with a single bead center. cute! fun! albeit a bit fiddly.

my favorite part of the whole project was putting them on card stock as the "packaging." it made them seem half-way professional and very festive!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute!! I like them a lot! Especially your color choices!