Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Man I am exhausted. Christmas had a hefty dose of sadness this year, but there were still sweet moments that I have tucked into my memory. I have such high hopes for 2009!!!!!!!

This was the first breakfast H and I had in 2009. My mom brought me the waffle-maker which came from my Grandmother - very sentimental and fun to use! She also brought a couple of other waffle makers for different shapes :)

Next time I think I'll make pumpkin pie waffles - best waffles known to humankind! Or at least the percentage of humankind that loves pumpkin as much as I do.

I promised to show pictures of my new digs as soon as it was nice and clean, so here it is in all it's clean glory (this has not lasted). Note the absence of a couch - I hope to remedy this in 2009.

And here is the fully decorated tree! Which has not come down yet, I am thrilled to say. My mom was so disciplined and neat that our family tree always came down the day after Christmas. Now that I am free to be a slob (at least part-time) I am enjoying leaving it up :) Plus I think they leave trees up in Sweden until January 13, don't they? I'm sure I have Swedish in my blood somewhere.

I handmade about half of my ornaments - knitted stars, pinecones, paper globes, cranberry strands, foil and straw stars, etc. The other half was lovingly donated by H's mom. So much fun to decorate with brand-new-to-me sparklies! The cranberry strands were my favorite part of the tree, with the locally found pinecones in a close second. It's amazing what a little white paint, ribbon and a glue gun and do to a humble pinecone. Even though this year was a no presents year, I still made out like a bandit with hand-me-downs from my mom and mom-in-law. I got the aforementioned waffle makers, a giant crockpot, tons of dishes, and even did a little discount shopping. If you are ever in the Hilton Head area, you can get fantastic deals at consignment shops like My Sister's Closet (such a cute name!) - I mean I'm talkin' $3.50 for a mint condition lavendar button-down from Express. Ack! Plus it's eco-friendly. What's not to like?

Coming soon...photos of some sweet handmade gifts that my sister, her H and my SIL snuck in. Happy 2009!!!


  1. Beautiful tree, beautiful apartment, beautiful Christmas! Thank you for showing us such a wonderful time in HH. I hope we can visit again sometime soon. Feel free to keep in touch, I'm not too far away now! - Love, A

  2. Yummy New Year Breakfast!! :) Happy 2009!