Friday, December 5, 2008

Bring On the Cranberries

Merry Christmas! I'm in the spirit of the season, and it is so very sustaining in these hard times. The biggest project I've had for Christmas so far are my cranberry strands. I showed you all a picture of my mother's cranberries, and here is my best imitation:

I took apart my bead curtain my sister gave me for college, sorted out the little from the big, then spraypainted the big beads.

Here they are all lined up on our balcony to be sprayed...

You would think by looking at the picture that my drop cloth caught all of the spray, right? Wrongooooo. I didn't notice the fine red mist on either side of the drop cloth until the wind blew up a corner of the cloth. heh. Several hours of scrubbing with mineral spirits insued, and my poor little knees were shot. I love the result so much though that it was worth it :)

A veritable waterfall of craberries!

I strung up the little beads in their natural colors. Pretty with the red, huh? I'm so tickled I could burst. POW! Last night I made my tree-topper. My husband was wanting a gold star of some kind, so I used some gold foil I had from a Christmas craft set, glued it to a file folder and cut it out following a 3D paper star pattern. It's freakin awesome. I need to take pictures...

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