Monday, September 1, 2008

Sadness and Stress

I have been AWOL since August 18! I wish it was because I've been at Disney World, but unfortunately I've been wading through some nearly unbearable sadness and stress. My husband and I had to drop everything and move one week earlier than planned because my dear mother-in-law has brain cancer. Oddly enough, she found out because she lost the ability to write. We're now waiting at their house for a call from Duke University telling us to come on up for the surgery. Apparently she will have the same surgeon as Kennedy, so I am hopeful that she will have more than just a year to live (which is what one doctor thought). I wish at times like this that she were a typical dreaded mother-in-law, but she is one of my very best friends. My hubby and I have both talked to her daily for years. She has been through so many surgeries and even breast cancer already - I just wish she didn't have to go through all of this again. I'm still hoping for the best - another big chunk of healthy years and another trip to Disney World.

In the middle of all of this, we have the guest bedroom here packed full of boxes and bags, and we're still waiting for a precise delivery date on all our other stuff to be delivered to our new apartment. All of this, the deliveries, picking up new car, insurance, and surgery are all supposed to happen this week!! I think we'll be able to handle anything if we can just get through this. My fingers are firmly crossed!
Here is a picture of the New York apartment we just left behind. Believe it or not, this is BEFORE we were in the moving mess :)


  1. I'm so sorry about your mother-in-law. I hope the next week goes by smooother and more peacefully than you could ever imagine!!

  2. Wow! What a fun filled post! I feel like I know you more. :) I've been to NY once, and LOVED it! And I just studied the Guggenheim museum today in class! ;D

    Prayers for your Mother-in-Law!